Beverage Bottler

With the Squell Bag-in-Box Dispenser,you can quickly, easily and cheaply reach additional customer groups. The required Bag-in-Box filling technology can be integrated cost-effectively into existing structures. With the Bag-in-Box packaging combined with the Squell Bag-in-Box dispenser, you have a wide range of new possibilities and benefits:

  • Cost-effective filling technology for Bag-in-Box enables fast ROI and an easy integration into many filling processes
  • Achieve a very good customer loyalty and reach several different customer groups with only one packaging
  • Economical packaging technology (cheaper than comparable Bag-in-Box packaging with hose connection).
  • Varied selection of drinks available (all drinks without gas). Perfect for juices and wine. Also isotonic drinks or trend drinks like iced tea or iced coffee.
  • No implementation of logistics for incidental deposits.
  • Hygienic without complex cleaning of the Squell Cooler – your customer can do it himself (HACCP compliant design).
  • Contactless taping and cooling of your drinks.
  • The drinks remain fresh for up to 18 months after filling.
  • The drinks remain fresh for at least three months after opening since the drink is not exposed to the air and thus oxidation is avoided.
  • The modular dimensions of the beverage packaging are perfect for storing, filling and transporting.


Include your wholesale distributors and local partners with cash and carry markets or delivery services. Perfect for canteens and companies, schools and self-service restaurants, HORECA and events. Our Bag-in-Box MIXI Dispenser with BIB drinks and the integrated BLUE HORSE® water factory are available for your further business expansion. The MIXI dispenser is perfect for the spritzer business, especially in the HORECA and canteen sector. This means a simplification for the employees of the customers. Less stock or storage space is needed. Well chilled and freshly carbonated table water is always available at its point of use.

Squell would be glad to provide you with advice and support including any issues about the filling technology (VITOP-BIB). Please contact us for an individual offer or a solution tailored to your needs. We are happy to advise you, even if you do not have any experiences with Bag-in-Box filling.