Coffee Machine Operator

Expand your business with our Bag-in-Box dispenser, a future-proof market segment. Especially iced tea, iced coffee, juice and wine are currently all the rage. Everything as regards gastronomy. Hot&Cold-supply from a single source. Perfect for the bar and waiter area, including petrol stations and bakeries with an expanded range of products.


Perfectly suited for self-tapping, as used by GARNI customers and events. Returning empties is not necessary. Consistent quality of tapping from the beginning. Long durability since ventilation is not required. Coffee or espresso and water belong together. Offer both, increase your sales, and offer high added value, without additional service since cleaning and disinfection is not necessary when using our devices.


In addition to the BIB drinks, the Bag-in-Box MIXI dispenser offers great additional benefits of an integrated BLUE HORSE® water factory. The global market for carbonated water is in growth and more and more consumers are asking for this low-calorie and natural alternative to sugary soft drinks.


Due to the savings in bottled water the Bag-in-Box MIXI dispenser will pay off quickly.Perfect for a glass of water in addition to hot drinks and mixing spritzers – no matter whether it’s apple or wine spritzers. Dragging water boxes and returning the empties are things of the past. It’s a simplification for the employees of the customers. Less stock or storage space is needed. Well chilled and freshly carbonated table water in BLUE HORSE® PURITY is always available at its point of use .Cleaning and disinfection is not required. It is only necessary to exchange the DUAL-STAGE microfilters. The dispenser is the perfect alternative to larger table water machines with a fixed water connection that require cleaning and disinfection.

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