Due to the high number of customers, in the area of hotel, restaurants and catering a peak demand has to be covered. Up to now, gastronomic appliances with consequential costs for recurring cleaning and disinfection have been used. This means relatively high costs for services provided by internal or external staff. Our Squell Bag-in-Box MIXI device can be equipped with an additional circulating cooler for a higher output per hour. The 5 liters/hour can be extended up to 60 liters/hour. At the same time you will still benefit from the Squell Purity as well as from the integrated BLUE HORSE® water factory – water in three varieties and juices (pure or as a spritzer). Furthermore, the device is also suitable for soft drinks and provides really tingling mineral water, which can be diluted with cola syrup or other kinds of syrup. Costs will be reduced because there is no need for cleaning and disinfection anymore and because service contracts for simple filter changes can be annulled. If there is no fixed water supply available, our classic Squell Bag-in-Box dispenser can be employed.


  • Hotel/restaurant: Our Bag-in-Box dispenser or our Squell Bag-in-Box MIXI are perfect for you. These are suitable for a high number of guests in the morning e.g. during breakfast, especially if you have used bottles or a juice bar with a dispensing hose, which had to be cut to length up to now. The hose provides no protection from splash and touch.Shift to the mini-tap (VITOP) with splash and touch protection. When having a counter the bottle logistics and the pre-cooling are simplified. The supply of drinks in the dispenser is 1x 20 liters or 2x 10 liters in the Squell refrigerator with dispenser. Simply pre-cool the BiB stock in the cold store or in the counter unit. The BiB units can already be equipped with the Squell mechanism. Thus, a flying (smooth) change of the empty for the new BIB can be realized. Perfect for semiskilled workers.With splash and touch protection. No cleaning and disinfection after the opening hours.
  • Catering: Flexibility and independence are required. The Bag-in-Box dispenser can easily be installed anywhere. A plug is the only thing that is needed. At the same time, you are supported with the bottle logistics. Take advantage of the trend to self-service.

Please contact: Squell and their coffee or beverage partners.