POS Marketing

The Bag-in-Box dispenser is perfect for cash and carry markets (food retailing, beverage trade, C+C, gas stations). Before consumers buy a whole box of wine, they want to be sure that it will meet their taste. For this purpose, the wine filled into the Bag-in-Box – can be provided for tasting in the Squell dispenser. Put the pallets or superstructures with Bag-in-Box or wine boxes next to it, including the advertisement “Try here!”. This is perceived as a pleasant gesture, as in many wine depots.


Or take the Bag-in-Box MIXI dispenser with integrated BLUE HORSE® water factory. Offer water for “rinsing” or e.g. at petrol stations for free to neutralize the taste in the mouth after having had a cup of coffee.


Please contact Squell, your beverage wholesaler or wine supplier.