Water Dispenser Operator

Win new customers with our Bag-in-Box dispenser and increase your sales with trendy beverages such as iced tea, iced coffee, juice, and wine. Perfectly suited for the bar and waiter area. As well as for self-tapping, as used by GARNI customers. This is a future-proof market. Returning empties is not necessary. A consistent quality from the first tapping on and a long durability distinguish Bag-in-Box drinks.


Expand your business with our Bag-in-Box MIXI dispenser and integrated BLUE HORSE® water factory. The device is geared at the mass market, which comprises nearly 1 million offices, GARNI, sports studios and small retail outlets. Highly carbonated CLASSIC water (3.5 VOL.%, 7 g CO2/liter at 5 liters/hour). This is interesting for customers who have hitherto been shied away from purchasing a larger water machine and its consequential costs. The Mixi dispenser simply eliminates the consequential costs of cleaning and disinfection. It is only necessary to exchange the DUAL-STAGE microfilters. Thus, it leads to a low acceptance threshold for smaller customers. With help of the the BIB drinks, you can offer more variety and flavour. This results in  greater levels of consumption and happy end customers. In addition, the global market for carbonated water is in growth and more and more consumers are asking for this low-calorie and natural alternative to sugary soft drinks.

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