Press Release Drinktec 2017

During the next upcoming Drinktec-Show which will be taking place in Munich, Germany from the 11th till the 15th September 2017, Squell and ADT will be presenting at their Stand ( No. 200 in hall A1 ) the world’s smallest “water factory” inside the Squell-BIB-Dispenser, as well as the Direct-Tap-Dispenser system, as an ideal solution for Home and office dispense applications.


Squell is well known for its bag-in-box water dispenser, the perfect alternative to conventional five gallon water coolers. Because the transparent bottles are exposed to warm ambient temperature, kept un-refrigerated and are aerated with ambient air. This is leading to potential accelerated bacterial contamination of the Water inside the 5 Gallon-bottle.


Squell Water dispensers operate without the need for aeration. Designed to ensure full contact protection of the dispensed drinks vs. the surrounding environment using a Squell- patented technology. This makes Squell dispensers HACCP conform – and fully aligned with the EYE ON PURITY dispense concept.


Additionally two new product innovations, Squell MIXI and ADT-Tap, will be presented. With these two new innovative products, end users are able to have table water out of mains water in Blue-Horse® drink purity. The slogan for resulting table water generation is EYE ON PURITY underpinning the achievement of the LOG 8 (99.999999% purity) utilizing latest micro-membrane technology


End users will be in position to dispense water, fruit juice, wine, other non-carbonated beverages, and mix spritzers , to suit their own best choice on taste. To this end, the end user decides himself and at his best convenience the ratio of each ingredient he wants such as juice and water mixed directly in the glass with the possibility to adjust the amount of carbon dioxide level in the final drink. The result: fully customized and personalized beverages.


The Squell stand will also feature a presentation on the use of product concentrate specialized for the food service industry . For example, users can make 100 to 200 liters of apple spritzer out of only 10 liters of apple concentrate; or 50 liters of spritzer out of 20 liters bag-in-box house wine.


Faster service and cost cut become a reality: Beverages from Squell-MIXI are and remain pure. Purity is the top priority. The need for cleaning and disinfecting by outside service-providers is obsolete. The only maintenance needed is to change the filter periodically at much lower costs compared to market known other systems.


MIXI offers a pleasant surprise for those who enjoy post-mix soft drinks such as Cola. The desired quantity of syrup from a bag-in-box dispenser or a syrup bottle is dispensed into a drinking glass, and is then mixed with Blue Horse® purity water, using the desired amount of carbonation level. The result: an instant individualized soft drink.


For commercial use, the carbon dioxide in Blue Horse® purity water reaches a level of up to 3.5 VOL. % or 7 g CO2/liter. This allows for simplified POM preparation right in the glass – a terrific solution for company cafeterias, fast food restaurants and bars.