The following aspects apply to all our products:

  • Unique feature: EYE ON PURITY for self-service mineral water and beverage dispensers
  • HACCP compliance. Support for operators and management concerning duties and risks according to effective law.
  • Subsequent costs due to cleaning and disinfection do not occur.
  • Only requirement: Change of filter after 6 months (applicable for filter-guided devices). This can be included in the rental price, if required.
  • For the first time with DUAL-STAGE-FILTER-SYSTEM for absolute fail-safe protection (for filter-guided devices).

Soon we will present more brand new, interesting products to you.

  • A table top CO2 water dispenser. We have installed a double protection for the potential case that, in spite of drinking water quality according to the season, germs should penetrate into the inlet. Or that, apart from that, germs are generally transmitted by skin contact or cloths used for cleaning. 5 liters of well cooled water makes the tab capacity. This includes up to 3.5 % Vol. of “carbonic dioxide content”thus an equivalent of 7g CO2/Liter of Classic or Coke water for a prickling refreshment. Water in table water quality and purity, such as bottled water from a mineral water plant. The bottled water plant is installed / integrated in the dispenser by miniaturization. The liter price is reduced to approximately 5 cents compared to about 50 cents normally. Thus, over 90% savings can be listed.
  • A Hot & Cold device