The Squell Bag-in-Box Dispenser

Squell Bag-in-Box DispenserWith the Squell Bag-in-Box dispenser you can chill and tap all kind of Bag-in-Box beverages. The beverage will be inserted into the dispenser and keeps cool and fresh (up to three month after opening).


Traditional beverage dispensers have hygienic problems, they cannot be placed everywhere, they require regular professional cleaning, the handling, storage and return of the beverage packagings is complex and only one single drink can be offered or they have a low capacity. Bag-in-Box with Vitop does not require a ventilation with room air as for example the Watercooler (in which airborne germs can get into the water). There is also no need to insert a tapping hose and cut it to length off with scissors.

Squell has reduced the responsibility through the PURITY spout to a minimum. Just give the instruction to exchange the spout whenever replacing the BIB change, or simply clean the dirty spout or use a new one. Complicated cleaning and disinfection is no longer necessary.

Advantages of our Squell Bag-in-Box dispenser


  • Hygienic due to contact free tapping.
  • HACCP conform design.
  • 100% hygiene possible with our protective tapping sleeve (optional).
  • No tubes which are mostly the source of bacterial contamination.


  • Capacity either 1x 20/23 liter or 2x 10 liter.
  • Product display can be self designed (e.g. for advertisement).
  • Any beverage can be used which is suitable for Bag-in-Box.
  • Temperature digital adjustable from 3 to 20° C (37 to 68° F).


  • Easy to clean and no professional sanitation service needed.
  • Ready for immediate use and no complex installation necessary.
  • Convenient handling and easy change of the beverages.
  • Powerful compressor cooling.

Advertising possibilities

  • Perfect advertising space at eye level guarantees long eye contact.
  • Product display at the front side.
  • Full service and concept development by Squell possible.
  • Own branding and design possible.

Technical data

  • Dispenser with metal cassettes for 3, 5 and 10 Liter bag in box bags with original Vitop tap for aseptic and non aseptic models
  • Power: 230V/50 HZ ,  70 W (compressor cooling)
  • Dimensions (W x H x D) 400 x 650 x 600 mm
  • Cooling range: + 3 °C to 20 °C (37,4 °F to 68,0 °F)

Adaptability of the Squell Cooler

Squell Bag-in-Box Cooler - open with cassette and cartonThe Squell Bag-in-Box beverage cooler is very flexible and we can respond to any need you have.

Your flexibility

      • Olace it everywhere as the cooler has a back cover.
      • Due the classic design the Squell cooler fits everywhere.
      • The modular dimensions of the beverage packaging are perfect for storage, bottling and transportation.

Factory configuration possibilities

      • Number of beverages on offer:
        • Either 1x 20/23 liter – if an huge capacity of one beverage is needed (e.g. water cooler or high volume in a canteen).
        • Or 2x 10 liter – if two beverages needs to be served.
      • Packaging type:
        • Carton: the Squell carton can be placed directly with the bag in the Squell beverage cooler.
        • Cassette: with the Squell cassette every bag up to 10 liter can be used in the Squell cooler (3 or 5 liter bags can be used as well). Changing the beverages lasts about 10 seconds as the cassette can be pre-confectioned.
      • Variable product display.
      • Own branding and design possible.
      • International usable.

Our women are more interested in diversity


Technology100% cold chain. Including tap/dispenser. Air-counterpressure-blocker. Squell conformity-spout. Unique. No room-air washing of the beverage. Half compressor size. Optimum isolation. EU-standard.100% HACCP-/hygiene-compliant. Conformity-spout is at BiB also delivered and exchanged. Simple, and so suitable for personnel. Disinfection-effort is not applicable anymore.Cost-reduction at: Personnel. Bottle transport & storing. Empties return. Energy/power consumption. Disinfection.
InvestmentUnit-price: below 1,000 EUR. Quantity scale.Low lump sum (like for small coffee dispensers). Offsetting is possible. Partial payment plus litre-apportionment.Efficiency factor: 1:20. 1,000 EUR makes 20,000 EUR. At long sight an acquisition with highest possible profitability.
Marketing„Appetizing“ advertising space. Alternative to bottles. Attractive design. Beverage choice full of variations.Pole-Position in the competition. 100% hygiene safety. Modern self-service.Pays off fast.