Bag-in-Box MIXI Dispenser

Our latest product is a combination of BIB dispenser with 2 x 10 liter bag-in-box units left / right, e.g. apple and orange juice or white and rose wine, and in the center a CO2 water dispenser with a solid water connection.

We have installed a double protection for the potential case that, in spite of drinking water quality according to the season, germs should penetrate into the inlet. Or, apart from that, germs are generally transmitted by fingers or potty germs independently.


The tap capacity of the water is 5 liters per hour of well-cooled water with up to 3.5 vol.% “carbonic dioxide content“, which corresponds to 7 g CO2 / liter, thus Classic or Coke level for sparkling refreshment. Water in drinking water quality and unit, such as mineral water from a bottled water plant. The bottled water plant is installed / integrated into the dispenser by miniaturization.

Brand water quality from the world’s smallest minreal water factory in BLUE HORSE® PURITY & SPARKLING LEVEL.


This worldwide novelty and “revolution” in the drink market reduces the liter price to about 5 cents compared to otherwise about 50 cents. Thus, over 90% savings. The cost of external cleaning and disinfecting service, which can be up to 300 Euros, is eliminated. Instead of that simple filter change for under 100 Euro. – More than 50% savings. The global market for carbonated water is in growth and more and more consumers are asking for these low-calorie and natural alternatives to the sugary soft drinks.

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