Faucet TAP

The worldwide novelty for office pantries and households is the TAP double fitting for mineral water and flush water (3-way fitting). It is perfect for the HOS market (home and office supply). It is completely made out of stainless steel and therefore resistant to vinegar used for maintenance. There is an optional cooler and carbonator for the enrichment with carbon dioxide available in the base cabinet.  We have installed a double protection, to ensure your health, for the potential case that, in spite of table water quality according to the season, germs are getting into the inlet. Or that, apart from that, germs generally get into the machine by entering from the outlet or if they are getting transmitted through skin contact or cloths used for cleaning.


The optional cooler and carbonator in the base cabinet has a capacity of 5 liters per hour of well-cooled water with up to 3.5 vol.% “Carbon dioxide content” , which corresponds to 7 g CO2/liter, i.e. Classic or Coke level for a sparkling refreshment.


Water in mineral water quality and purity, such as bottled water from a mineral water plant. The bottled water plant is installed / integrated in the base cabinet and in the fitting by miniaturization. Brand water quality from the world’s smallest table water factory in BLUE HORSE® PURITY & SPARKLING LEVEL. A “revolution” in the beverage market. The liter price is reduced to approximately 5 cents compared to about 50 cents normally. Thus, over 90% savings can be listed. Furthermore, it eliminates the costs for external cleaning and disinfecting service, which can amount to up to 300 Euros, as well as the necessity of self-cleaning and disinfection by means of cleaning and disinfecting cartridges. Instead of this, only a simple filter change for under 100 Euros is required. – Savings of more than 50%. Unique price-performance ratio.- Quality and cost leadership in favour of the installers and operators. Please contact Squell or your planner, kitchen studio or installer.

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