Squell Vision

Purity Leadership. Leading in terms of cleanliness at BIB and mineral water systems on site. Safety analogous to the DVGW W 516 and DIN 6650. HACCP-compliant. Support for the partners.


BIB-Program and BLUE HORSE PURITYWATER for PURITYDRINKS. The most comfortable and purest BIB technology. Smallest mineral water factory. High carbonation at the point of use. – Up to 3.5 VOL% or 7 g CO2 / liter.- Coke-compliant.

Qualitative objectives

Small dispenser for HOS and HORECA. > 50% lower follow-up costs. Pole position in the dispenser and mineral water industry. International partnerships.

We offer these requirements in order to meet you:

  • Easy self-service. Pleasant and constant purity (EYE ON PURITY)> HACCP-compliant
  • Simple retrofit > suitable for unskilled assistants.
  • Storing and tapping without ventilating with potentially contaminated air.
  • Hygenic self-service tapping > Protection from splashes and impurity Protection against finger contact or “cleaning cloths”> protection from re-contamination by germs
  • Sufficient mineral water supply with BLUE HORSE® PURITYWATER > Without gas / medium / classic > minimum costs > cost cut > cost reduction for the follow-up costs > no cleaning and disinfection > instead of prevention > change the spout and filter easily and quickly.
  • Instead of cleaning and disinfecting the tap and its belongings, you now have to change the spout and the filter. Filters take over the function of the barrier, which is insurmountable for germs, in the inlet and in the outlet. The Dual Stage Purity System is a reliable guard at both points of the system.

Squell offers users what they have been expecting for a long time!

  • HOS = Home- and Office-/Pantry-Supply: mineral water (without gas (still) / medium / classic) and with up to 7 g CO2/liter suitable for Coke> pure drinks or mixes in the glass > without consequential cleaning and disinfection costs.
  • Canteens or self-service resturants, fast food and snack bars: with cash register / tray billing> with automatic coffee machines and water connection, see 1.
  • Breakfast buffet: hotel / GARNI / hostels > without water connection
  • Counter service: HORECA including hotel bar > fast food and filling stations > bakeries with an extended range of products > ready-to-drink beverages and spritzers (juice and wine) > with water connection. Includes waiter self-service > next to the automatic coffee machine > with water connection
  • Cash and carry markets (food retailing, drinks, C+C) tastings/degustation in addition to the palletized range of products >BIB wines and juice concentrates > promotion > with water connection and at the same time replacement for watercoolers or water machines (free water for customers).