Water treatment needs to be a complete journey. The DUAL-STAGE-SYSTEM is designed to protect against water germs (see the red and green field in the below diagram). In particular, the protection against serious foreign bodies, the bacteria that is atypical, that can enter the dispenser outlet from an external source; like finger contact after using the toilet or through wiping infected cloths or sponges.


In times of global travel, the DUAL-STAGE-SYSTEM is a tried and tested method for protecting fellow human beings in offices, hotels and restaurants. The DUAL-STAGE-SYSTEM also offers protection from heavy metals, limescale, chlorine and chemical residues in a building’s supply. DSS is supplied at the point of use with a clean, safe and enjoyable drinking experience.

Our final filter blocks the back-germination.
The pre-filter blocks the water nuclei if present in the line.