As with the branded bottled water from big, central mineral water factories, the (branded) water is now – with the same technique, but in miniature – locally produced at its point of use (POU) and freshly tapped, according to the quality requirements of a BLUE HORSE ®PURITYWATER. – In order to mix a new generation of PURITYDRINKS with juices or wine with the juices or wine PURTIYDRINKS of the new generation.


BLUE HORSE® PURITYWATER provides an enrichment that is not achieved by some larger water machines: 3.5 vol.% or 7 g CO2/liter. This is very important for Coke drinks because the consumer expects a sparkling Coke from the bottle or the can. – BLUE HORSE® meets the expectations. – Squell and ADT are authorized BLUE HORSE® partners for global requirements in the area of BIB bars, individual appliances and kitchen fittings (TAP) with BLUE HORSE® dispensers.


Carbonisation is no longer conducted with a pressure vessel but with a clear-sighted annular gap injector. This has the advantage that there is no risk of bursting or even of explosion, that it takes up less space and that it can also be produced at lower costs.