Bag-in-Box packaging

The Squell cooler / dispenser is using Bag-in-Box (BiB) packages. BiB’s are packages which consists of a inner bag (composite film) and a protective outer carton. In the inner bag can be filled with any non-carbonated beverages. It will be tapped though a valve which is part of the packaging (this valve will activated though the Squell patented mechanism in the inner part of the cooler). The BiB packaging offers a lot of advantages in the everyday use:

Bag-in-Box environmental friendly

  • Hygienic.
  • Sensory and chemical neutral.
  • Beverages have a long shelf life and keeps fresh up to 18 month.
  • Beverages keeps fresh up to three month after opening as no air comes in contact with the beverage and an oxidation will avoided.
  • No need to build up a deposit system (deposit free packaging will be environmental friendly recycled).
  • Inexpensive packaging technology (cheaper than comparable Bag in Box packages with tubes).
  • The modular dimensions of the beverage packaging are perfect for storage, bottling and transportation.
  • Win with one packages more customers and built up customer loyalty.
  • Can be easily integrated in each filling process.
  • The outer BiB carton is perfect for a branding.


Bag-in-Box Vitop tap waterBag-in-Box Vitop tap wine/juice Bag-in-Box Vitop tap juice