Use the Squell Dispenser as advertising media


The Squell Bag-in-Box Dispenser is the perfect advertising platform. You can be sure that your advertisement will get a lot of attention. Placed right the desired customer groups will be addressed directly and long eye contacts can be realized (e.g. at physicians, pharmacies, hospitals, supermarkets, car dealerships etc.). Your advertisement will be associated with something helpful as well as beneficial and will be remembered in a positive light. The Squell Bag-in-Box Dispenser fits in any environment and you can see the premium quality from every side.


Advertising spaces table top:

  • Left / right side: each about 450 x 600 mm.
  • Back side: about 390 x 400 mm.
  • Product display front side: 1x about DIN A4.
  • Advertising spaces can be laminated with a printed foil (except product display).

For an individual offer or a custom solution take the first step and contact us we would be happy to advice you where we can.