Welcome at Squell

Operating companies require maximum support when complying their HACCP responsibilities. How can it therefore be avoided that hazardous germs colonize in the beverage outlet, being able to enter the customer’s glass unhindered. The unique re- contamination brake stops germs and provides support for the operator – other systems can be compared to cars without brakes. Specifically this states the reason for EYE ON PURITY – our focus on purity. With the Squell dispenser BIB or MIXI, the operators gain maximum HACCP safety through the patented nozzle and the micro-membrane end filter located at the outlet. Purity marks the highest priority for (public) authorities as well as operators. Squell: maximum purity concerning the BIB-purchase in a glass as well as the (local) mineral water production.


Squell works in cooperation with leading partners in the beverage technology sector. Inter alia with ADT and the managing director, Mr. Max Taha, we use our possibilities to provide concepts for international audience, such as the BIB technology and the suitable mineral water technology. We would like to welcome you in good company of people who really value EYE ON PURITY who introduce new ways of creating PURTIYDRINKS and PURITYWATER on site and who are also able to reduce the follow-up costs by approx. 50%. The highest requirements are met in regard to carbonic acid content and “prickle when drinking”. It has now become reality that the Squell MIXI dispenser is able to generate Coke Water as well as prickling SCHORLEWASSER. We would love if you convinced yourself of our products. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact

Yours Tobias Schmid